Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Arms and Hands: Relaxation and Vitality with Brian Utting

hand massageOur arms and hands are tough, dexterous, and exquisitely sensitive. Hands have multiple sensory inputs that can detect the subtlest sensation, and a proprioceptive complexity that allows us to play piano, violin, or drums, stream our thoughts and feelings into a keyboard, canvas, or piece of paper, and add grace and finesse to our massages.

As massage therapists, our hands are perhaps our primary vehicle for sensation and communication, and we use them (and sometimes overuse them) intensively. Our clients’ hands and arms often take a beating as well, especially with tough jobs like construction, repetitive jobs, and heavy computer use in the workplace and at home. And with all that keyboard use, our arms and hands have become central to our expression and experience, and a direct channel to and from the nervous system (which is why hand and arm massages are so relaxing). For all the work that they do, our hands and forearms seldom get the time or skilled attention that they deserve.

Unlocking Relaxation and Vitality in the Arms and Hands

In a typical full-body massage, the arms and hands often just get a few minutes of treatment, but a thorough massage of the arms and hands is often fundamental to an optimal massage experience. In many respects, our arms and hands are our primary environmental controllers, completing multiple tasks every day and determining who and what we allow into our personal space. Because so many people are ‘wired’ into their arms these days from extensive computer use or other issues, clients in session often have the most difficulty letting go of their arms. But when a client can surrender and relinquish control of their arms for a bit, it’s a deeply relaxing experience.

Learn More about Deep Tissue Techniques for the Arms and Hands

In the Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs, Hips, Arms, & Hands workshop I will be hosting at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School we will focus on specific techniques for releasing the muscles and fascia of the hands, thumbs and forearms; increasing mobility in the corresponding joints; and ‘deconstructing’ forearm muscles that have become glued together. You will learn some simple but effective ways to make your arm massages more specific, potent, and satisfying–and receive some good (and much-needed) work yourself.

What Massage Therapists have to say about the Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs, Hips, Arms, & Hands workshop

“All my little finger joints feel so free, and like they are lined with satin.” – Melissa D’Haene

“Great class! The techniques that were given were all useful and specific to healthy hands, wrists, and forearms. I would repeat this one.” -Nan Hardt

“This class has not only improved the work I offer my clients, but given me better hand mechanics and bodywork techniques to use on my own hands and forearms, relieving pain and prolonging my career.” -Rebecca Albert

For more information or to register for this workshop: Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs, Hips, Arms, & Hands