Tips to Help Your Massage Business Have a Successful Holiday Season

Are we already talking about the holidays? Yes. And for good reason!

If you want your massage business to have a successful holiday season, it can! But you have to start planning for it now (yesterday would have been better).

Whether you are trying to sell more gift cards or just keep your clients coming in, here are some tips to help your massage practice earn its keep in some of the busiest, most competitive months of the year.

Six Tips Your Massage Business Should Consider to Be a Success

help your massage business have a successful holiday season

Why These Tips Will Make a Difference If You Use Them

  1. Commit to a Plan – Among so many other reasons, planning ensures you maximize opportunities and are aware of holes in your strategy. Get your calendar out and pace out each of your holiday marketing campaigns in pencil.
  2. Get Digital – Marketing your business using the internet is the most cost-effective way to reach a lot of people fast. Adding printable gift certificates to your website can also save time and money while allowing for last-minute purchasing.
  3. Add Retail Products – Ever heard of multiple streams of income? You only have two working hands, but you probably have an empty corner behind your massage table you could feature products in. Plus, products will come in handy (pun intended) with tip number four.
  4. Create Special Offers & Packages – Just like tip three, this is an excellent way to increase your earnings this holiday season. And they’re not just great for your existing clients, giving the gift of experience is becoming increasingly popular.
  5. Provide Special Services – So maybe delivery services aren’t going to happen. Is there something you could do above and beyond that would make the holiday season less stressful or more memorable for your clients? It will make you stand out.
  6. Send Warm Wishes – It is the season of gratitude, and you are grateful, aren’t you? There are a lot of massage therapists out there, and your clients chose you. You can get in their inbox with all their other service providers, but getting in their mailbox is really special.

If this isn’t your first holiday season as a massage therapist, share your wisdom in the comments! What have you done in the past that has worked well for your massage practice?

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