Massage CEU: Business Support & Client Relationships

By Rima Star MA, LMT, Employment Consultant. (This article is part of the series Got a Massage Job: Key Points for Creating Successful Employment.)

What are employers looking for? What are you looking for? How to navigate the world of employment more successfully is the focus of this class. This series of articles addresses the key points that will be addressed in Rima Star and David Lauterstein’s upcoming employment success workshop.

KEY POINT #3: Letting the Business Support You in Successful Client Relationships

A massage therapy business is there for a reason—to BE SUCCESSFUL in making massage therapy services available to a large clientele at a competitive price. Be sure you understand what they are doing to help you be successful and work together for what you both want—happy returning, long-term clients. For example, what does the reception staff communicate to first time clients calling to schedule? How does that relate to what you would communicate when you meet that first time client? Are both of those communications compatible and supportive of one another? What about when you return that first time client to the reception desk? What kind of treatment strategy have you recommended and how does the reception staff support you in that recommendation? One of the benefits of employment is that other people are focusing full time on the business side of the therapeutic relationship so you can focus on the therapeutic service side of the relationship. Working in partnership is essential. Also as you see recommendations for what you think will improve the environment for clients be sure to offer your solutions, usually in written form.

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