My Massage School Experience

nayeli headshotby Nayeli Gallegos

I was first introduced to TLC School through my job, but I quickly came to realize how healing the environment is and what joy it brings to everyone who steps through the doors. As soon as you arrive, whether it is for work or class, you’re presented with a break from the world. Your reality suddenly dissipates into an opportunity of growth and support.

After signing up for the program, I had my doubts. I grew accustomed to a certain structured form of education, so the idea of change came with fear. More than anything, it was intimidating because I understood the depth of change that it brought to so many, and how personal the transformation gets.

Just as I expected, I instantly fell in love with the process. From getting my materials ready for school, to getting on the table for the very first time, it was all so exciting yet intimidating all in one ball of emotion. My classmates range in age, personality, origin and much more, but that all goes away when it comes to the work. You’re presented with another sacred human body to communicate with through touch, not much different than yours.

This work is physically demanding but in the most rewarding way. Although I’ve just started, I have faith in the program and what it does to everyone involved. I’ve begun this great learning experience not only about the human body but about myself.

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