National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Oct 25-31

job fair1We are next week celebrating the 19th annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week – October 25-31, 2015.

Massage Therapy Awareness means so much more than just the awareness that massages are good for you.

It brings to mind the role that touch plays in our lives. Touch is the first sense to develop in the embryo – it lies at the very foundation of our sensory world. It is the first way we feel care in our lives and that continues throughout our whole life.

Receiving massage we do not just let go of tension from exercise or life stress. We, with regular massage, let go of long-accumulated tensions that eventually may result in disease. We let go of the physical remnants of past injuries. We let go of tensions that are stored emotionally, sometimes from many years ago. We feel empowered, with caring and knowledgeable touch, to trust the body, to trust its wisdom, to access our minds, hearts and spirit in a way that we are freer to fulfill ourselves in life.

In this week let us honor how profound massage is that can help with dis-ease and injury, with dispositional problems related to emotionally held tension, and with destiny. Because when we are free, we can be most truly ourselves and have the energy to make our dreams come true.

Within and immediately around National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School is excited to have a variety of events we are sponsoring and participating in.

  • October 27, Tues 2-4pmThe Lauterstein-Conway’s 10th Annual Job Fair – We will have 30! Employers each with a table in our large classroom. All therapists and students are invited to attend. This is an free and important event for all students and therapists to attend.
  • October 29, Thurs 2-4pm – Massage at the Capitol – TLC is teaming up with the American Massage Therapy Association for National Massage Therapy Awareness Week. We will be giving free chair massages on the Capitol grounds from 2-4pm. Come acknowledge and celebrate the many gifts of healthcare through massage, by attending and receiving free chair massage yourself.
  • October 29, Thurs 7-9pm“Putting the Soul Back in the Body” – A special class for anyone interested – combining yoga, anatomy, massage and meditation – focus on the diaphragm, iliopsoas and abdominal muscles. Taught by TLC Co-Director, David Lauterstein, and Yoga teacher and therapist, Anna Lisa Fahrenthold.
  • November 1, Sun 10am-5pmHeel and Sole – a workshop that explores ALL the muscles of the feet. Amazing that therapists, however much they acknowledge and enjoy good foot work, do not know the anatomical details of the intrinsic muscles of the feet.