My client walks with a grace in her step. She seems like she’s walking on air.
She laughs, she jokes, she doesn’t seem to care.
She is a bit heavy and is working out to improve; at times it does dampen her mood.
It’s hard not to hide beneath the shield of clothes.
Her posture erect with just a couple of flaws, her shoulders, her back, and her foot
All due to things that have affected her life, work, her divorce, a fall here and there
We all go through this and get back up, she can do it, she’s tough.

Her tensions come and go depending on her day, the weight of the world takes a rest at times
On her shoulders and neck, it wears her out until she finds relief
A massage, a drink, something to release the stress

Her energy is high and happiness seems to draw to her
Her sparkling eyes allow me to see what type of person she is
Her humor may seem to hide some of her own pain
Slowly but surely we will find
What it is that makes this client of mine

Both spiritual and emotional we will bring out who she is inside
The excited and healthy girl with such great pride
We’ll work on chakras
We’ll work on structure
Anything that will help us see, the total person my client is meant to be.

by Martha DeLeon, TLC graduate (reprinted from our TLC News, 2003)