Pregnancy Massage & the Side-lying Position

Do you have a new massage client who is pregnant? If so, it’s important to be comfortable with working on them in the side-lying position – especially if they are considered “high risk.”

Kate Jordan, nationally-recognized presenter of Bodywork for the Childbearing Year says, “When working with a high-risk pregnant client, it becomes even more important to observe basic precautions and contraindications for bodywork in pregnancy. Some clients may have been restricted by their health care providers in the positions they are allowed to take. This can include no sitting or prone or supine positioning, or lying on either the left or right sides. When no specific restrictions have been given, side-lying positioning is the safest, offers the greatest comfort, and increases blood flow to the heart. Side-lying is also the most common position a high-risk client on bed rest will be asked to assume.”

Video: Kathy Benayoun, Austin pregnancy massage guru, presents a discussion and demonstration for local LMTs.

What have you learned by working on a client in the side-lying position – any special tips, tricks or revalations? Share your comments with other massage therapists in the field below!

Lauterstein-Conway Massage School offers an annual pregnancy massage certification course taught by nationally-recognized presenter, Kate Jordan.