Reflections on Hybrid Learning at TLC

Lauterstein and Conway teaching Online Massage TherapyOnline learning for massage therapy has unique challenges as well as, at this time, distinct advantages.

What is learning, really? Learning is something done by the nervous system, particularly the brain. The brain sorts out information, memorizes it, and eventually gets creative with it. Learning also involves emotions. Ideally, we truly care about the things we are learning. We are also engaged and encouraged by the honesty, expertise, and care of the teacher and of one’s fellow students.

All of these things can be done online.

When it comes to learning hands-on touch skills, the most important “teacher” is your client! And we have happily found that virtually all students have found one or more people who are more-than-willing to be the recipients of their massage!

Your client’s feedback on how your touch feels, your confidence, your pressure is incredibly valuable. Through careful interviewing before the session and gathering feedback during it – you will learn to be more and more responsive to the clients’ concerns, needs, and preferences.

The instructor, through our unique on-line format, will be able to observe all students’ work as well. The instructor will be giving feedback on body mechanics, answering technique questions, and offering enthusiastic encouragement.

Importantly, in the hybrid program, we will also have special classes, where massage school students will come to the school itself. In small groups, our massage therapy instructors will have the opportunity to help students to refine skills and knowledge at the school. At this time students will trade bodywork on each other in groups not larger than 10. This is another great opportunity – we at TLC are turning the pandemic’s limit into a learning advantage. In smaller class meetings there is the opportunity to receive even more detailed individualized attention and instruction.

The challenge of online learning (like wearing masks) amplifies the challenge we all have to show each other that we truly care.

Our initials, TLC, are for “The Lauterstein-Conway”, but more importantly they stand for Tender, Loving, Care. These are manifest in the ways we connect with each other. Whether it’s through actual touch, phones or computers, we are surrounded with more ways to connect and be in touch with love, tenderness, and care than ever before in human history.

May we all rise to this fascinating challenge and opportunity!

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