Reflexology Massage Therapy

By Marsha Walker, LMT

There are many kinds of pressure point therapies, with Reflexology and Vitaflex being two of them. Both of them outline points on the feet and hands that correspond to areas on the body, for example, the arch of the foot corresponds to the spine. The points for both techniques are very similar, with a slight variation in the way the pressure is applied to the foot or hand using the thumb or finger.

In the last 30 years that I have been practicing and teaching Reflexology and Vitaflex I am still always amazed at how pressing on the foot or hand can sometimes alleviate pain immediately in a headache, backache or pain in the abdomen. I have even seen the vertebrae on the spine become red with increased circulation as someone presses the corresponding points on the foot. I include it in every massage to help muscles soften and pain to be relieved.

Many people do Reflexology or Vitaflex as stand alone therapies with great benefit. It can be used in many situations where massage is not practical like when your back hurts when you are driving a car or your shoulder hurts when going for a walk. These techniques can also address issues that massage has difficulty with such as burns, imbalances in glands of the endocrine system or problems with eyes or ears. You can reach your own feet or hands while you can’t rub your own back.