The Forearm Class

by Marc Frazier

I was recently sitting down with Jan Hutchinson, PT/LMT who will be co-teaching our upcoming workshop(along with Advanced Rolfer, Dena Roberts)

We were discussing how to make best use of the class time we have planned for this November 4th workshop—Clinical Massage Techniques for the Forearm, Wrist and Hands.

This class is a great opportunity for students to work with three exciting teachers. It will provide a lot of useful information to the participants, as the information comes from three different but related backgrounds. I’m marveling at the length of time Dena and Jan have been honing their crafts. Jan has over forty years’ experience as a manual PT– while  Dena has been doing hands-on as a Rolfer for nearly thirty years. (I am definitely the newcomer on the block as I have not quite made twenty years as a massage therapist.)

I really like what we’ve come up with!

  • I will be presenting an easy way to organize and keep track of all the structures of the arm–and, covering how these things can become damaged by overuse in various sporting activities.
  • Jan will be covering the injury process (so that the students will be able to understand what’s really happening–and what they should and should not do about it). She’ll also be showing how various hand stretches and exercises can help keep massage therapists working for forty years! (These exercises are also so simple that therapists can easily teach them to their clients who spend all day working at a computer.)
  • Dena will be showing therapists how they can avoid wrecking their own hands, neck, and shoulders– by applying heavier pressures without using their thumbs, inappropriately.  Ironically, Dena currently has one of her own hands in a cast (due to a non-massage related injury) and continues to do multiple Rolfing sessions, in a day  — talk about real-life experience!

And while we will each be teaching massage techniques, I’m proud that we’re not just showing a routine to copy—we’ll help the participants have the enhanced ability to create the best sessions tapered for their individual clients. This class will help the participants become better therapists as they are being taught how to think for themselves.

Join Marc Frazier, Jan Hutchinson, and Dena Roberts in their workshop Clinical Massage Techniques for Forearm, Wrist, and Hands on Sunday, November 4. Click here to register today!