The Four Top Reasons To Learn Zero Balancing

11.01.ZB“If you love the body you must know the bone….” ~ R. Tillinghast


  1. Add something really effective and new to your tool bag.

    To help people more and to retain clients better, you need to be enhancing your skills and supporting your inspiration. Learning new effective work refreshes, excites you more in your work and makes you a better, more valued therapist. With Zero Balancing you learn a powerful and concise protocol to address the entire mind and body. Zero Balancing can be done in as little as a half hour – therefore it can easily integrate with and amplify the healthy effects of the work you do.

  2.  Address the whole person.

    We are basically skin, muscles, and bones. In order to have the most complete effect on health a therapist needs to know how to work all these layers. Zero Balancing gives you new and more complete access to all three layers, especially the skeletal system. Problems that don’t respond to myofascial work often need focus on the deeper connective tissues and bones. With ZB you learn ways to address the deepest layers of fascia – ligaments, joint capsules, periosteum. Zero Balancing balances out your understanding by addressing both sides of the musculo-skeletal equation.

  3. Learn how to work with structure and energy simultaneously.

    Some modalities emphasize just the structural (physical) aspects of massage, others primarily the energetic. Since people are both energetic (alive) and structural, the most complete modality will give you the ability to simultaneously work with both structure and energy. Zero Balancing (and Deep Massage, as we teach it here) specializes in giving you that ability. Awaken your sensitivity to the subtle energy body. The deepest “meridians” in the body flow through the bones and joints that connect them.

  4. Zero Balancing integrates both Eastern and Western perspectives on the mindbody connection.

    ZB’s founder, Dr. Fritz Smith’s background is as an osteopath, MD, Rolfer, Master of Acupuncture, and long-time meditation student with Western and Asian teachers. Zero Balancing has been developed to give you heightened touch skills that will affect all your work and the whole of the person. It gives you the awareness of how to affect the mind, altering body awareness and the autonomic nervous system. Since most research is showing that the mind and brain are truly the origin of most pain and tension in the body – every therapist needs to expand their knowledge and hands-on ability to effect the psychological as well as physical dimensions of the person.

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