1. Slow down when you need to. Speed up when you don’t need to slow down.

Massage that’s always slow is ultimately boring massage.


2. Palpate – how can you love if you don’t know what’s there?


3. Know anatomy – not just in general. 

Have memorized the origins, insertions and actions for at least the 90 most important muscles.


4. Care; really care; let your care be palpable.

5. First do no harm – to yourself! 

Pay attention to your body mechanics and your psycho-mechanics.


6. Don’t substitute force for intelligence.

7. Take a history; your client’s complaint arises from and takes place within their whole life.

You’re working on time as much as space.


8. Try to do no more than 4 sessions a day.

9. Become a boundary genius.

When you hold to impeccable boundaries it becomes a powerful part of the healing process. When you create an atmosphere of total safety and trust, the healing process is initiated.


10. Don’t hedge on the business side.

You are in the massage business as much as you are assisting in the healing process.


11. Get massage.

Not getting massage is like a writer never reading.


12. Take a workshop at least once a year; a vacation twice a year, and a contemplative break once a day.

13. Don’t give up. Work, exacting work, moves mountains.


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