Three reasons Chair Massage opens the Gateway to Massage

By Jennifer Shaw, Austin Massage Therapist and Guest Blogger

If you’re new to massage, chair massage is the perfect gateway to your new career. There are many reasons chair massage is a great “entry point” for those new to massage therapy.

Convenience is probably the most obvious reason – chair massage can be done any time or place. Here are three more reasons that chair massage can help you  kickstart your career in massage therapy.

Why Chair Massage Rocks – the Top Three

  1. Short time commitment for just a little moolah. With chair massage, you can purchase anywhere from a five-minute rub down to a full hour-long massage. Most chair massage companies charge by the minute. If you decide you hate massage therapy, just get off the chair! (I do encourage you to try other types of massage or another therapist, though…)
  2. Hello, baby steps. Nervous about being alone with a massage therapist without your clothes on? Not with this massage modality. Chair massage is performed fully-clothed in a public place. And as in any massage, you are encouraged to communicate with your therapist about your level of comfort throughout the session.
  3. Healthy for almost everyone. Finally, there are very few reasons why a majority of the population could not receive chair massage – it is even ideal for the pregnant and elderly. A majority of the massage is made up of a massage technique called compression, which can be gentle or deep and is done over or through the clothes. Light stretching may also be incorporated.

Chair Massage, the Gateway to massage envy

If you’ve never experienced massage therapy, go to your local mall, airport or carwash and look for someone, likely in a bright-colored polo shirt, lurking near the strangest piece of seating equipment you’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, it’s just a massage chair, but under the hands of a good massage therapist, your opinion of therapuetic touch will never be the same

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