by Christopher Allan

My views in regards to the how and why my clients walk into my life seeking healing for their physical ailments have certainly changed as this calendar year comes to a closure. I must be honest. The transformation of myself, from a rather conditioned “trained by the book” therapist to one with compassion and love from the soul, has brought a new dynamic into my practice and those who are today The New Team of Health Care Providers of our Organization Health Care Therapies Inc.

Wikipedia defines a healer as highly compassionate person and empathetic to the needs of others, seeking to bring peace, health, and integrity to their companions and to society at large. I must agree. However I have come to believe that the only way to be of service to my clients to the fullest is by first having an understanding of what their needs are on a personal level. My organization Health Care Therapies is determined to ensure that we provide a treatment plan that not only targets the physical problems, but simultaneously addresses the mind and spirit.

It doesn’t matter, what my clients diagnosis may be, for example either it be cerebral palsy or autism, frozen shoulder or a painful knee, I have learned through my years in practice, that when I work with my clients from a place of not wanting to fix it and not being attached to the fixing of the problem but instead allowing my passion to provide the best treatment plan to overcome their physical limitations.

Transformation is an ongoing process.  The success and growth of our organization has been the result of practicing detachment from the ego and a need of fixing things and rather choose to provide a service of direct care from the soul to the client.

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