Unlocking the Secrets of Shoulder Health

Assessment and Treatment of the Shoulder: A Deep Dive into Ben Benjamin’s Workshop at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic

In the dynamic realm of massage therapy, continuous evolution is key to integrating cutting-edge knowledge and techniques. For massage therapists in Austin, Texas, an exceptional opportunity awaits at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic—a two-day Continuing Education course led by the esteemed Dr. Ben Benjamin, Ph.D. The workshop, titled “Assessment and Treatment of the Shoulder,” offers an in-depth exploration of effective strategies for addressing shoulder injuries.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of what makes Dr. Benjamin’s workshop a unique and invaluable experience for massage therapists.


Dr. Ben Benjamin, PhD

Dr. Ben Benjamin, an industry leader in bodywork and massage therapy, holds a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine and specializes in orthopedic massage. With decades of experience, he has become a trusted authority on musculoskeletal health. Dr. Benjamin’s passion for sharing extensive knowledge has led him to develop workshops that empower massage therapists with the skills to excel in their practice.

Dr. Benjamin’s scientific philosophy is succinctly captured in his own words: “It’s empowering to know my work can help improve someone’s quality of life.” His emphasis on understanding the precise nature of injuries, especially in the intricacies of shoulder pain referral patterns, reflects a commitment to scientific excellence. Through this workshop, Dr. Benjamin imparts the knowledge and skills necessary to unravel the complexity of the shoulder scientifically, transforming uncertainty into precision.


About the Workshop

  1. In-Depth Assessment Techniques: Precision in Identification

One of the workshop’s highlights is its focus on the comprehensive assessment of shoulder structures. Participants gain insights into differentiating between muscle, tendon, bursa, joint, and ligament injuries. Dr. Benjamin’s expertise guides therapists in honing assessment skills, allowing for accurate identification of specific issues contributing to shoulder pain.

  1. Palpation Mastery: Elevating the Art of Touch

Palpation, an essential aspect of manual therapy, is elevated to an art form under Dr. Benjamin’s tutelage. Attendees refine their palpation skills, learning to discern subtle nuances in tissue texture, tension, and temperature. This promises to elevate therapists’ hands-on abilities to new heights, offering a scientific approach to the art of touch.

  1. Practical Hands-On Techniques: Applying Scientific Understanding

The heart of the workshop lies in its practical application. Over two days, therapists immerse themselves in hands-on treatment techniques. Dr. Benjamin shares a wealth of knowledge, providing a toolkit of effective strategies to address a spectrum of shoulder pain problems. From manual therapy to exercise prescription, therapists leave with a versatile skill set to enhance their practice, grounded in scientific understanding.

  1. Two-Day Immersion: In-Depth Scientific Exploration

The two-day format is a testament to the workshop’s depth and breadth. This extended timeframe ensures therapists not only absorb information but also practice and integrate newfound skills. This immersive approach instills confidence, empowering therapists to tackle a wide array of shoulder issues in their massage therapy practice.


In conclusion, Dr. Ben Benjamin’s Shoulder Assessment and Treatment Workshop at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic offers a scientific journey into the intricacies of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. Attendees emerge equipped not only with palpation mastery but also with a scientific understanding of shoulder injuries that transcends conventional approaches. This workshop stands as a testament to the marriage of scientific rigor and practical application, propelling musculoskeletal therapy into a realm of precision and efficacy.


The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic, in Austin, TX, is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality education in massage therapy. By hosting workshops led by experts like Dr. Ben Benjamin, the school continues its tradition of offering cutting-edge continuing education opportunities, enriching the skills and knowledge of massage therapists.