Up for a Challenge?

by Christopher Allan

What I love about the field of massage therapy is the vast options of clientele we can choose to work with. Not everyone has what it takes to work with kids and adults with special needs like Cerebral Palsy, Autism or Head Wound Injuries, and that’s okay. So what does it take? It takes desire and some basic working knowledge of indications, contraindications and a tool box of techniques. Indications for massage may include things like atrophy, adhesions, poor sleeping patterns and constipation to name a few. Also, we must be aware of contraindications like seizures, dislocations, bed sores and recent surgeries.

Working with special needs kids and adults challenges therapists in ways you never imagined. Sometimes due to clients physical disability therapists find themselves having to work on the floor or alongside the client’s hospital bed. This creates challenges with biomechanics and techniques. Also, we have to be versed in pathology and work with a wide variety of massage therapy tools and techniques. These techniques might include passive range of motion, circulatory massage, pin and stretch and reflexology.

Every client has its own set of special needs and as therapist we have to create, collaborate and come up with a unique treatment plan for each client. We have to possess a willingness to collaborate with the family, nurse, attendant and/ or doctor on making sure we are providing a safe and effective treatment plan. At our workshop “Massage for Special Needs” we are going to cover all of this and prepare you for success. Every student will have the opportunity to hear lecture material and get some hands on time to practice techniques targeted for working with this clientele. We hope to see you there!

Learn more at the Massage for Special Needs: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and More workshop with Christopher Allan on January 18, 2015. CLICK HERE to register today!