Let’s be honest. Humans are self-lubricating entities.

We have sebaceous glands whose sole purpose is to lubricate and waterproof the skin. These glands are associated with hair (we have about 5 million distributed over the whole body).

Then we have perspiration, a brilliant method of thermoregulation. We can sweat off as many as 14 liters per day! We also have apocrine glands that respond to hormonal effects of change and stress.

So why all the oil, people? I know most of us learned that way, largely because many of us start with Swedish and then get attached literally to our bottles and pumps. Certainly some modalities won’t work well without at least some oil or other lubricant – Swedish, Lomi-lomi, some vigorous circulatory Sports Massage, etc.

However, for many ways of working, especially if you want to get a grip on the skin, superficial fascia and/or deeper myofascial tissues, and thus perhaps a clearer communication with the nervous system, working with little or no lubricant oil bottlemay give you a distinct advantage in promoting change.

Have courage! Lay those bare hands upon the body and feel, without the insulating layers of oil, who this person is. Then engage the tissues and nervous system with clarity.

Save yourself unnecessary work and unnecessary expense. Wean yourself from your bottles ~ PEOPLE ARE SELF-LUBRICATING ENTITIES.  🙂