by Jason Bratcher

In the previous article on the Austin Massage blog I focused on the “Deeper” aspects of Lomi Lomi (it’s a great read and I encourage you to read or reread it and blend it with this new article.) Since Lomi Lomi means to “Weave”, amongst its other definitions, I thought I would weave this article into that.

With the deep waters of Lomi Lomi being explored in the previous article, lets now bring ourselves back up to the surface where we can float effortlessly on the waves of authentic experiences and new learning.

As a veteran therapist I have been surprised at the level of forward progress in our profession. New techniques, new approaches, new methods , clinical therapy, scientifically evidence based, deep structural alignment, all of which have their merits and values and benefits to the physical human condition. It seems as though I am swimming in a sea of so much information and being expected to learn all of it and utilize it and take workshops on it and continue my education.

As a teacher of Massage and a practicing therapist this is the realm I live in and to be honest it gets overwhelming and I find myself,at times, wanting to swim in simpler and calmer seas. With my learning comes those breaks where I have to rejuvenate myself and re-affirm why I became a therapist and now an educator. Lomi Lomi surpisingly provided me with that break and re-affirmation.

Not only was it easy enough to pick up it was also challenging enough to get me back into my body and refocus my physical tools to work on others.

Lomi Lomi also,to my surprise, greatly enhanced all the other modalities I learned and enhanced the quality of how I contact bodies. I realized that my forearms were a very valuable tool to utilize and by using them so efficiently I could rescue my hands and wrists from burn out and injury. Lomi Lomi also taught me to,in the midst of my usual compartmentalization of the body, see the body as a whole and to flow around it in such a way that felt not only comfortable but it made sense to my left analytical brain. Lomi Lomi literally weaved its way into everything I did as a therapist. When I first learned it and started to incorporate the techniques into my routines and sessions, my clients started coming back again and again,so much that one year I won an award for being one of the most requested therapists where I worked. This only proved to me the value of what I had learned and the value of applying it to my tool bag of techniques.

What I didn’t expect from this learning was that Lomi Lomi would also re-open my heart and my mind to the endless possibilities of my own growth in not only this profession but in my life.

“E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe” ( May Blessings ever be with you)

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