What is Polarity Balancing?

Maruti-w-Hat1by Maruti Seidman

Polarity Balancing is based on Polarity Therapy founded by Dr. Randolph Stone. It is a wonderful system of energy healing based on Ayurvedic Medicine. Polarity Balancing utilizes the power of meditation, gentle hands-on healing techniques, positive thoughts and attitudes, healthy nutrition and exercise to assist people in achieving a sense of well- being in their lives. The Polarity Balancing Healing System re-connects the subtle energy patterns of the body. These subtle currents get blocked due to many different kinds of stress.

The hands-on techniques reduce the stress of the individual through deep relaxation. Once the individual achieves deep relaxation, the subtle energy currents are restored, tension is released, pain is eliminated and the individual feels much better.

Practitioners are trained to easily connect to the Universal Love Energy and gently restore the blocked subtle energy currents. This work has been greatly refined and made easy to understand and apply. Anyone can achieve great success while using Polarity Balancing and there are countless stories of spontaneous healing occurring using this system.
The truly great thing about the Polarity Balancing Healing System is that anyone can use it without any prior training and be immediately successful. It is not limited to professionals and many different kinds of people from all walks of life have been successfully trained and became wonderful practitioners.

The Polarity Balancing Healing System has been made easy to learn by the publishing of two books by Maruti Seidman. They are, The Whispers of Your Heart, a text book that has over one hundred sessions mapped out and The Foundation of Energy Healing, a book of energy charts and diagrams that clearly demonstrate the subtle energy currents and patterns of the body.

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