What is Thai Massage?

Blogfeatureby Robert Gardner

People often ask me about what Thai massage is and licensed massage therapists want to know how it’s going to benefit them in their practice. Thai massage is still working on a western identity and while I can’t speak for everyone else I can tell you that Thai massage is the most diverse and beneficial practice of massage and bodywork I’ve ever encountered. Much like massage itself it can be applied to a wide swathe of the population and when I say it’s effective I’m saying I’ve seen someone walk in on crutches and walk out carrying them after working with me.

Thai massage is:

  • more biomechanically effective for the therapist
  • saves your hands
  • allows you to use more pressure with less effort
  • means you can do longer sessions for larger fees
  • is more transformative for your clients
  • blends well with any other kind of work you do or on a table
  • allows you help common client complaints like low back pain easily

Watch my video with the MassageNerd:


Thai massage allows a deeper use of pressure than any other massage form I’ve seen while also creating the greatest potential for movement in a terrestrial environment. This pressure doesn’t always come from hands, thus saving them, but also from extensive use of knees and feet in session. Compared to what most licensed massage therapists practice my work feels like mixed martial arts. In session there are no rules, my opponent is pain and with every movement I’m doing my best to take out my opponent with any tool necessary while exerting the least amount of effort. It’s easy on me and remarkable to clients.

Students who observe my work have commented that it reminds them of Brazilian jujitsu or some other martial art. In effect, compared to what most are doing Thai massage done my way is the perfect balance of client communication, effective pressure and proper body mechanics. Intro to Thai massage and Table Thai are my starter courses to give you a solid foundation in the work. I look forward to working with you.

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