Why do adults make great massage students & Why does being a massage student make great adults?

11.01.AnatomyClass.MuscleModelingWhy Adults Make Great Massage Students

  1. Even after a short while in the work world, every adult strongly desires work that is more meaningful. Massage is meaningful, heartfelt work.
  2. Adults make great massage students because they have freely chosen to be here. Nobody is in our classroom because their parents told them they had to do this!
  3. When we are young, we naturally seek just self-satisfaction. As adults we realize, we get equal satisfaction by caring for others. Massage is real health care.
  4. Adults are more aware of what they don’t know. This makes them even more eager to learn. And that makes for an incredible learning atmosphere.

Why Studying Massage Makes Great Adults.

  1. Anatomy was largely left out of our earlier education or not approached in a helpful way. Learning how your body is formed and how it works is part of a “drivers’ license” for living a healthier life!
  2. Having a professional skill you can rely on anywhere and anytime. In this unstable world, it is important as an adult to have something you can rely on.
  3. Massage teaches one about therapeutic relationship. A deeper understanding of healthy relationship helps all your relationships, not just professional ones.
  4. Confidence – in your body, your heart, your mind and your spirit. When you more deeply understand yourself and others’ in body, mind and spirit, you will have more confidence in yourself.
  5. Being an adult we all have more stress, both physical and psychological. By learning better body mechanics and ways to center yourself, you will be a healthier person for your whole life.