Zero Balancing allows for more change, both emotional and physical

by Jim McCormick

I have studied many separate forms of psychotherapy – from Gestalt therapy; Bioenergetics; Co-Counseling; Counseling theory in general; Rogerian Therapy; Art therapy, etc.. I have also received many years of psychotherapy which has been very useful both in clearing my field to be able to be with clients in non-judgmental and non-projecting way. I have learned from each of these different techniques that are useful to Zero Balancers – from deep listening; to being able to understand my own biases so I can minimize their effect on the client.  We learn how to join with the clients. How to make them feel safe and comfortable so they are more able to open up with what is really going on with them.  This in turn allows more change in the ZB session.

All our tensions and pains are physical symptoms, but are also our defenses in a psychological sense – keeping us from feeling our deep feelings.  ZB sessions tend to work under these feelings by working in the bone, but experience has shown that processing these deep feelings often helps them move faster. The client who’s symptoms don’t change much is one very good candidate for verbal processing; as is the person who has one symptom removed and another pops up.

I study a style of Traditional acupuncture which emphasizes both diagnosis and treatment through reading the emotions of the client and this helps treatment move more deeply and more quickly.

Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing will help the student get more comfortable talking to their clients period and especially about emotional issues; It helps the Zero Balancer see the value of opening up to this sort of work and the value of exploring this type of work. Some students have fears about are they qualified to do this – and the answer is yes – you don’t need to be a psychotherapist – we are not trying to achieve that. We are giving you a safe and effective technique for following the client wherever they go – that pertains both to words and to the ZB session itself.

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