Massage Jobs Form

Submissions will be reviewed by our staff then posted within 72 business hours. All submissions are viewable by current TLC Students and Alumni as well the general public.

Please read the following posting guidelines before submitting:

  • As of 8/1/21 all job descriptions must be 500 or less characters.
  • The Massage Career board is only for massage therapy employers - not individuals seeking therapists.
  • In an effort to keep our job postings current an actual closing date is required and must not extend past six months from time of submission. Terms such as 'until filled' or 'ongoing' as closing dates will not be accepted.
  • Submissions must include a clear, detailed and concise description. Submissions with excessive grammatical errors or vague job descriptions will not be approved.
  • Company name and valid website be included.
  • Multiple postings from the same employer may be submitted, if submitted positions are from different locations or for different positions within the same company.
  • Only jobs for LMTs or leading to an LMT position will be approved.
  • Private volunteer opportunities are not accepted. Charitable organizations hosting events in which TLC may be of service can contact us with event details at

If you have any questions please contact the Office Manager at or 512-374-9222 ex.11. Posts will be taken down as close to the "close date" as possible without notice. TLC reserves the right to refuse or remove a posting at our discretion.