Advanced Program for Clinical Massage and Bodywork


Dates: TBD

Schedule: Mondays - 10am-5pm

(with 4 exceptions - for Zero Balancing and Psychology of Bodywork)

Total hours: 250

Our Advanced Program for Clinical Massage and Bodywork is unique in the US.

The program is designed to develop clinical and integrative excellence, giving the student-therapist the ability to perform clinical assessments, develop client-specific session designs, utilizing a much wider range of modalities and techniques and, as a result, the ability to resolve a much wider range of structural and energetic issues.

With advanced techniques and knowledge, the advanced program integrates Orthopedic and Deep Massage, Zero Balancing, Psychology of Bodywork and Shiatsu. By the end of the program, the therapist's new skill level will enable them to achieve greater therapeutic outcomes with a much expanded range of clients.

The result is a tremendous increase of the massage therapist's confidence and professional success.

Massage Therapist MaryAnn ReynoldsTLC Alumni MaryAnn ReynoldsRecommend highly!!! i If you want to jumpstart your practice and take it to a new level. I just completed the program. 20 NEW clients in the last 2 months (before I even finished), got my first referral from an MD today, and am getting a sweet variety of requests for Deep Massage, Zero Balancing, and orthopedic massage. Also this 250 hour program, with your 500 basic hours, can help you become Board Certified.

Advanced Program Modalities

Zero Balancing - Core Zero Balancing I and II plus one review day (56 hours)

Instructor: David Lauterstein
Zero Balancing is the art and applied science of working with the energy and structure of the skeletal system which often underlies clients’ muscular and fascial issues. Problems that resist myofascial solutions will often yield when you add a skeletal focus. Zero Balancing improves both energy flow and structural integrity through the deepest layer of our anatomy, the bones and the joints. Adding Zero Balancing to your therapy completes your ability to address every major anatomic and energetic layer of the body.

*The Advanced Program includes 50 of the 100 hours required for Zero Balancing Certification.*

Advanced Program Zero Balancing

Shiatsu (36 hours)

Instructor: Kazuko DeVirgilio
Shiatsu in Japanese means “finger pressure”; it is a type of bodywork consisting of finger and palm pressure and stretches. Learn the brilliant model of the five elements, meridians, chi, yin-yang, key points for relief of excesses and deficiencies which affect structure and energy. You will learn techniques for working on the whole body. Emphasis on the hara (centering), superlative body mechanics, and the focus on mindfulness will add to all your other forms of bodywork.

Advanced Program Shiatsu

Deep Massage Certification (42 hours)

Instructor: David Lauterstein
Deep Massage is a unique soft tissue therapy which works simultaneously with the body’s structure/soft tissues and the body’s energy/nervous system to achieve an optimized therapeutic benefit. The segment of the curriculum confers Certification in Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method, for all who pass and attend all hours. It will include techniques in the prone, supine and side-lying positions, work with the core muscles such as the iliopsoas and diaphragm, fulcrums for the deep lateral rotators, adductor magnus, the rotator cuff, and a deep understanding and refinement of all the fundamental Deep Massage fulcrums and protocol for the legs, back, front torso, shoulders, arms, head and neck.

*This certification is ONLY offered through the Advanced Program. It is not available as a continuing education class.

Advanced Program Deep Massage

Orthopedic Massage Certification (90 hours)

Instructor: Melissa Howell and David Lauterstein
Certification in Orthopedic massage will give you the skills to resolve 50 different conditions. Improve your understanding and competence in treating musculoskeletal problems. Assessment and evaluation are considered to be critical tools in understanding a client’s problem, as well as finding the most effective treatment for that condition. Learn how soft-tissues function in health and injury, what roles fascia plays in the body, and the primary ways in which soft-tissues are damaged. Techniques include range-of-motion, manual resistive, and special testing, as well as how to utilize problem-solving with deep massage, myofascial release, trigger points, deep tissue work and active release techniques.

*This certification is ONLY available through the Advanced Program. It is not offered as a continuing education course.

Advanced Program Orthopedic Massage

Psychology of Bodywork (13 hours)

Instructor: Mike Williams
Research tells us that muscle tension and pain “comes” from the brain. Therefore, the client’s state of mind is as important as their “state” of body. In this class you will explore the influence that psyche has on body and ways you can facilitate our clients safely releasing tension and pain from their system.  We will learn more about the impact of the therapist's mind and emotion on the health of both therapist and client.

Integration (12 hours)

Instructors: David Lauterstein and Melissa Howell
Ultimately our approach is client-centered, rather than modality-centered. In integration (which we will really be doing during the entire program), we consider how to help the individual client become more integrated in their unique structure and energy. We look at the integration of a variety of modalities based on the needs of the client.