Body Mobilization Techniques

with Marc Frazier

Sunday, February 24, 2019

10am to 6pm

7CEs - **$165

**10% discount for TLC students/faculty/alumni**

Registration Closed! Walk-Ins Welcome!

Items to bring/wear for this workshop include:

  • Tuition in full
  •  Note-taking supplies
  •  2 Twin flat sheets
  • 2 Face cradle covers
  • 4-5 hand towels
  • Lubricant
  • Pillow cases or sarongs for draping chest
  • Floor mat / Yoga mat
  • Loose, Comfortable Clothing
  • A light sweater or jacket is recommended as temperatures in meeting areas are sometimes difficult to control

About the Workshop:

Body Mobilization Techniques (BMT’s) combine explorative body mobilization and massage to restore clients’ movement range and ease. These techniques provide valuable feedback for both client and therapist. The experience provides the client with information about their own movement possibilities, tension patterns, and restrictions, in the same manner and time as it is released. BMT’s allow the therapist to assess and address tissue quality simultaneously.      


  • Interrupt the pain~spasm~pain cycle
  • Establish pain free range of motion
  • Improve joint range through gentle “distracted” stretching
  • Identify limiting factors
  • Allow for palpation of muscle imbalance and relief of chronic spasticity
  • Help normalize and desensitize clients somatic experience of painful areas
  • Facilitate therapist and client cooperation
  • Allow for the release of deeply “held” tension

       With BMT’s, movement is the message as well as the goal. When you confidently move your clients body during massage you are truly speaking the body’s language. Movement decreases the “invasiveness” of certain massage techniques, and increases their therapeutic effectiveness.

BMT’s are the perfect addition to your SPORTS MASSAGE techniques! Ensuring pain free range of motion can reduce injuries and increase performance. They can be done through the clothes without sacrificing any effectiveness, making them ideal for on-site pre and post event massage. Athletes and those who like to move will benefit greatly from BMT’s.

Body Mobilization Techniques are an integral part of the 500 hour licensing program taught here at Lauterstein~Conway Massage School and Clinic. For those of you who have already studied BMT’s at TLC, this workshop will review and deepen your understanding and utility of many of the techniques you’ve already seen, AND We will also be introducing “NEW” BMT’s, not taught within the 500 hour program!

Marc Frazier

Marc Frazier,LMT has been a personal trainer for over 35 years and a massage therapist for 20 years. During that time, he has worked extensively in sports massage and clinical settings. He has travelled with numerous teams and is one of the most valued clinical massage and training resources in the Central Texas. His passion is functional anatomy, massage therapy, and their successful clinical application in helping people improve both their structure and functional health.