Cupping for LMTs

Cupping for LMTs

with Natalie Meyersick 

January 26th, 2024

Friday, 9am-5pm

6 CE hours - $250*Includes three Cupping Sets

• 1 -Vacuum Cupping Hijama Kit 24pcs

• 2 - Transparent Silicone Cupping Set 4pack (8pcs total)

About the Workshop:

Cupping for Massage Therapists is a 7-hour continuing education course designed for massage students and LMTs that are new to the practice of cupping therapy. It provides an introduction to the history, core concepts, contraindications, and indications, as well as tools and techniques underlying the application of modern cupping therapy with hands-on training in cupping techniques that can be effectively integrated into nearly any modality of bodywork.

Hands-on techniques will be focused primarily on cupping for myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, sports recovery, and orthopedic applications with specific anatomical considerations for the upper and lower body in a variety of positions. The intention of the course is to provide students with a broad overview of cupping therapy with a variety of focused methods and techniques that can serve as a foundation for them to apply cupping therapy effectively and creatively in any massage setting to assist clients seeking relief from chronic pain, tension, injuries and with sports recovery.

For each section of the course, students will receive a technical demonstration of techniques designed to treat specific focus areas and concerns. Demonstrations will also include a review of pertinent anatomical reference points and special considerations. Students will then have the opportunity to conduct trades with their fellow classmates utilizing the provided cups to practice this work with guidance from the instructor. Students will be provided with 2 sets of silicone cups (8pc) and one set of Vacuum Cups (24pc) included in their tuition. This allows them to walk away from the class with not only a new skill set but the physical tools to practice their new skills in their primary massage setting.

"I am passionate about and committed to lifelong learning which is one of the reasons I’m so excited to share this work with other therapists! The Intro to Cupping course is designed to provide LMTs with the tools and techniques to better serve their clients dealing with chronic pain or recovering from injuries through the safe and effective use of suction cups. This work provides even more tools for a therapist's tool kit while sparing wear and tear on the hands. Students also have the benefit of receiving both silicone and vacuum-based massage cups so they can walk out of the course and begin to utilize their new skills with clients immediately. These skills can be effectively integrated into so many modalities of massage and bodywork and I can’t wait to explore this work with therapists of all experience levels in a safe and encouraging environment!" - Natalie Meyersick


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About the Instructor:

Natalie Meyersick, LMT, MTI, CCT, CMLDT. I am a proud alumnus of the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage, earning my license in July 2019. Since then, I’ve worked in high-end spas and massage clinics as well as my own private practice, Kinetic Temple Massage Therapy. Prior to a career in massage therapy, I was in the corporate hospitality/events/logistics world which provided me with a great deal of business organization, client management, and adult education/training experience.

I have received over 800 hours of professional massage training including Lomi Lomi, Prenatal & Perinatal Therapy, Chair Massage, Active Assisted Stretching, Barefoot Shiatsu, Thai Table/Mat Work, and Anatomy Trains, as well as earning certifications in Cupping Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I obtained my MTI in 2020, which gave me the opportunity to teach the 500hr licensing program at TLC and continuing education courses. 

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” - Margaret Atwood