Introduction to Thai Massage


Introduction to Thai Massage

with Robert Gardner

Fri, Sat & Sun, February 17-19
10am - 5pm
$395 (includes 52 page color manual)
18 CE’s

**10% discount for TLC faculty/alumni**

This workshop is closed for online registration


Items to bring/wear for this workshop include:
  • Note-taking supplies
  • (1) Flat sheet for first two days
  • (1) Full set of sheets on third day
  • (1) Blanket per day
  • (1) Floor mat/ yoga mat - Shiatsu or Thai Massage mat is ideal. If not, a futon pad or multiple blankets to double or tripled to allow ease on your knees while working on the floor. VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE PADDING!
  • Snacks & water bottle if needed.
  • Loose, Comfortable Clothing
  • A light sweater or jacket is recommended as temperatures in meeting areas are sometimes difficult to control

About the Workshop:

This class will give you a thorough and practical foundation in Thai Massage. You will learn a variety of new techniques that will please your clients more and save your hands. You will gain new tools to further your massage practice. You will learn more options for dealing with larger clients. You will learn more effective ways to address chronic muscle pain issues and add a specialty that will make you unique in the marketplace. The techniques of Thai massage will save your hands and help keep you in better physical condition allowing for a longer, more satisfying and lucrative career.

Your class fee includes receiving a 52-page color manual as well as access to digital copies of this workshop and videos that go along with the class. In this foundation course, students will learn mat work and become competent using their legs, feet, knees, and heels with clients, be introduced to Sen lines, anatomy, postural assessment, and energetic concerns.

The first 2 days of class are mat work, and the 3rd day is table work where we show you how to use the same sequence on the familiar massage table. This gives the therapist a firm foundation to transition clients between the table and mat with ease.


Download and Read Free Intro to Thai Massage Workbook

Can be downloaded at

*If you are interested in taking the Intro to Thai Massage you may also want to attend the Table Thai Massage with Robert Gardner on Saturday & Sunday, April 22-23 from 10am-5pm. More Info

About the Instructor:

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner is a licensed Thai massage instructor, therapist, and yoga teacher in Austin. He uses Thai massage, yoga therapy, and leads yoga classes to help his clients and students. He's been practicing the healing arts for thirteen years and is excited to assist and educate people to stimulate their own healing.

Robert came to bodywork through a past injury which found no help through established medicine. He gravitated to holistic health modalities and especially to massage therapy. He studied Swedish, deep tissue work, cranialsacral therapy, yoga and then Thai Massage. All of these are combined in his practice and inform his teaching.