Kennetic Massage

Kennetic Massage – A Training in Trigger Point Therapy & Activated Isolated Stretching

with Ted Kennett

Saturday and Sunday, May 12 – 13, 2012

**Payment must be made by MAY 10**


*10% off for TLC Graduates and students


Course Description


Def:That part of classical mechanics which deals with the relation between the motions of material bodies and the forces acting upon them. It is synonymous with dynamics of material bodies.
Kennetics: Derived from the spelling of Ted Kennett’s last name and the definition of the effects of forces on the motion of a body or systems of the body, especially of forces that do not originate within the system itself.

Kennetics is a twist of the original spelling of the word and is used to describe the specific techniques that are used in Kennetic Massage.  By incorporating clinical trigger point therapy as described by Dr. Janet Travell, then adding Activated Isolated Stretching (AIS) by Aaron Mattes, and positional release while massaging they all deal with the relation between the body and its inbalances, pain patterns, and dysfunction.  As a Massage Therapist for the last 20 plus years of practice, I have used these techniques individually with great success. One therapist described the combination as, “Trigger Points on Steroids”  I guess he felt the combined techniques gave it an extra boost to his work.

Kennetic Massage takes these various techniques and by formulating them into a single technique, has shown great results in diminishing pain patterns, and soft tissue dysfunction for clients.  Kennetic Massage has been very effective in Range of Motion Issues (ROM) from Repetitive Injury Syndrome (RIS), and everyday occurrences that can leave a person in a physically dysfunctional state from soft tissue problems.  Kennetic Massage has been used on clients with symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Shoulder Stiffness, Stiff Neck to name a few, with excellent results.  The additional advantage of the Kennetic Massage Technique is that it is ergonomically sound and very easy on the therapist, thus allowing the therapist to practice massage with less effort and less risk of injury to themselves and their client.
In the two day class much of the mystery of trigger point therapy will disappear and the therapist will enjoy the ease of combining the techniques for that added tool that can be used in their own practice, or in any clinic setting.  Imagine being able to take this information, and actually apply it in practice immediately.

Ted Kennett, LMT, MTI has been nationally Certified since 1993 and a School-based Massage Therapy Instructor since 1996 teaching in all phases of the massage curriculum.  Through Trinity College of Natural Health he received his degree as a Naturopathic doctor in 2008.
As owner and founder of Relax the World Massage and Supply in Austin his massage career has touched on most areas of massage practice.  The State of Texas initiated the Continuing Education Program and he immediately got involved in the continuing education end of massage as provider #2 in Texas.
Ted and his wife Debbie are the owners of A New Beginning School of Massage Killeen, where Ted is School Director.