Discounted Friday Hands-on Tutoring



(Email to request additional sessions if available) 

Please read the information below before making your reservation

Discounted tutoring is offered on Fridays from 10a-12p and 12p-2p. Please note, you must be able to attend the full 2 hour session you reserved. You will be allowed to sign up for only one slot per week. For safety reasons, sessions are limited to 4 students total. Sessions must have a minimum of 2 students.

If you choose, you may coordinate with another student and schedule your sessions for the same time. Or you can be paired with a student from another class. Please keep in mind that each student must make their own reservation. 

The tutor will spend the first hour with the 2 ‘givers’ while the other 2 students are the ‘receivers’. Tutoring will be specific for each student’s needs. In the second hour, the students will switch roles and the ‘receivers’ will become the ‘givers’. If there are 3 students, they will all work together.

These tutoring sessions are discounted to $20 for the 2 hour block per student. After your session, you will receive a bill for the session. It is a NTF (non-tuition fee) and must be paid before you receive your transcript. If you have any questions about payments, please email me back at

Appointments are not guaranteed and you must reserve your space by 10a the Thursday before. Please do not show up if you do not receive a confirmation email.


To reserve a spot, Click here to to create a profile that will allow you to view the hands-on practice calendar and reserve a spot. If you already set up this account for make-ups or have one for clinic, please use those credentials.

Please note: you must enter your legal name – first and last –  in the “Full Name” field. Please, NO NICKNAMES. If we are not able to match your reservation to your student account, your appointment will be canceled. 

After creating a profile, students can view available spots. Click on the day you prefer. If there is space available, you will be able to click “New Reservation.” It will populate your full name (which again, must match TLC records). Click “Create Reservation” to confirm. A confirmation will appear on screen and you will receive a confirmation email as well. If you need to change your reserved spot, you can do so through the website until the scheduled day. If you need to cancel on the scheduled day, please email


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