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Become A Certified Massage Therapist

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Paying for school can be one of the biggest obstacles students face when starting a new educational program. TLC wants to alleviate the financial stress of paying for school and give our students every opportunity to succeed.

We maintain a NO credit-check financing plan to give EVERY student the opportunity to pay for school while building their credit. We have scholarship opportunities to assist students with their tuition once they have enrolled in the program.

We provide DEEP discounts for students who pay tuition in full or split payments half & half. We offer on-campus work opportunities for students who want to earn and learn.

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Avalon Ray


What made you decide to add massage therapy to your personal training Professional Services?
I've been a personal trainer since 2014, and I got into massage because I love helping people feel comfortable in their own skin. There's so much you can do with training that allows people to move freely, but I was thinking if I learn more about massage therapy, I'm able to manually manipulate soft tissue and help people with a range of motion or even just feeling better than I can help people get better in their everyday movement. I want to be able to offer as many things to my clients, as possible. I thought massage therapy would be something different but beneficial to the clients that I work with now. Whether that be to help them relax more from their stressful day so that they can feel better in their day to day activities, or if it's helping people with their range of motion and getting them to move freely. I thought that would be a great addition to what I already do with them.

How has the anatomy portion of the massage therapy training influenced your personal training?
It's definitely been a refresher - I needed that. It made me realize in certain movements what muscles we're actually using or what muscles in conjunction were using all together when we're doing certain movements. How just turning the wrist can target different muscles in a bicep curl versus when your thumbs up. So it's just been a big refresher and really great to incorporate into my PT session.

So, are you excited to incorporate massage therapy into personal training?
I'm really hoping I can get my clients to jump on the bandwagon of massage therapy and feeling good.

How's your experience been at TLC?
It's been good! Everyone's so friendly, it's like a big family! It's just been a learning experience and it feels like elementary school over again you make new friends and you get lunch breaks together and everyone practices together. So you have a little sense of community and you learn better that way, I think.

Avalon Ray