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Paying for school can be one of the biggest obstacles students face when starting a new educational program. TLC wants to alleviate the financial stress of paying for school and give our students every opportunity to succeed.

We maintain a NO credit-check financing plan to give EVERY student the opportunity to pay for school while building their credit. We have scholarship opportunities to assist students with their tuition once they have enrolled in the program.

We provide DEEP discounts for students who pay tuition in full or split payments half & half. We offer on-campus work opportunities for students who want to earn and learn.

Personal Trainer and Graduate - Thomas Damron


ThomasDamronPTTell me a little bit about how you got started in personal training and how long you've been a personal trainer:

My name is Thomas Damron and I am a personal trainer and massage therapists in Texas.

I got started in personal training, after having a lot of injuries. I continually hurt myself in the gym. It was only through interacting with a really knowledgeable personal trainer that I got back to a good movement path and almost completely resolved all back, knee, and ankle injuries that came my way. So learning about movement was the tool in the toolbox that got me back to a functioning human being.


What can you tell me about massage therapy and incorporating that into your personal training profession:

Massage therapy really for me was a path towards understanding the body better. I was really focused on muscles and joints with personal training and movement.

Massage therapy gave me a really good tactile sense of that, but in terms of other systems, like the nervous system, and the physiology of the cardiovascular system, how all this stuff plays in and how they can all be variables that affect movement, and people’s overall health. I feel like I got a much better grasp of that.

Also just more tools in the toolbox to build a business and to have a menu of options for clients. It was a no brainer to add massage therapy into the mix.


Do you incorporate massage therapy, are there current techniques that you use in your personal training?

Absolutely. I will stop and do manual intervention on a client on the floor as we're working. Stretching, the body mobilizations, all that stuff, I do work somewhat into my training practices. Most often, massage therapy gives me something to offer them if I see a movement problem that can benefit from a manual intervention.

I will offer that as a side service and I wind up working with clients in a dual role a lot of times.


Would you recommend other personal trainers become massage therapists?

Yes, I would say if for no other reason than just to understand the body better. The education it takes to be a personal trainer is somewhat thin in Texas, it's mostly a certification. Since massage therapy is a state licensure and it's a more fleshed out program you get a tactile sense of the body. You have a much better opportunity to really understand what's going on with your clients and when may impact their movement in various ways.


Would you recommend TLC school?

There's nothing else in Texas that comes close to TLC and I think under even a cursory internet search this was the clear option. When you look at course outlines, they have the most developed curriculum. That's what I was in it for, you know, I wasn't in it so much to go into a spa environment. I was really in it for a fleshed-out curriculum with Orthopedic considerations, and dealt with various modalities and kind of took you through the entire menu of manual techniques. I feel like Lauterstein-Conway Massage School did the best job of that.