ABMP Exam Coach & Quizlet Information

How to access your ABMP account

  • Go to ABMP.com  and click on “Account Login”
  • Click on “Forgot your password?” and enter the email that you used to sign up for ABMP when you registered to be a student at TLC
  • Click on “Request password” and when you receive an email from ABMP follow the instructions to create a password for your account

 How to use ABMP Exam Coach to prepare for an MBLEx Prep Class

  • ABMP Exam Coach is used to prepare for your MBLEx Prep Classes
  • Login to your ABMP account and click on “ABMP Exam Coach”
  • Click on “Study Subjects” and click on the Subject that is required for the upcoming MBLEx Prep class

o   74a MBLEx Prep= Massage Theory (4 Topics)

o   75a MBLEx Prep= Massage Professional Practices (4 Topics)

o   80a MBLEx Prep= Ethics, Boundaries, and Laws (4 Topics)

o   81a MBLEx Prep= Client Assessment and Session Planning (8 Topics)

o   84a MBLEx Prep= Pathology (Basics, Meds, and Integ. Topics Only)

o   86a MBLEx Prep= Special Populations (7 Topics)

o   87a MBLEx Prep= Career Development (4 Topics)

  • You can also look in your Class Schedule (Packet A: 1-28) in the Preparation column to know which Subject will be the focus of a particular class
  • The Subjects that are not reviewed in MBLEx Prep classes are for self-study


  • For each Topic required, “Take a Practice Quiz” four times
  • When you have a question or comment, investigate it by looking it up in the “Terminology” section of the Topic, in a book or on the Internet
  • And then write down the entire question and bring it to class with the intention of sharing what you discovered through your research

Quizlet Signup-

  1. Go to- https://quizlet.com/join/zZf79yQFr
  2. Sign up to join the “TLC 500”
  3. Use email to sign up, NOT Facebook or Google
  4. Create an account

-Your username must match your name in the TLC attendance book

-Example: Cristel McCarthy, David Lauterstein, John Conway, etc.

-Quizlet is free for students so don’t pay anything.