Need a Massage Table?

In order to be an excellent massage therapist, you need to PRACTICE  PRACTICE PRACTICE right from the beginning.   Whether you buy a massage table from us or get one on your own, you will want to have it by the time you start class if possible.

If you plan to order one through the school,  we usually recommend Oakworks, Stronglite, and Earthlite.  We have brochures at the school and you can check out more information on their websites. The most common tables purchased here are the Oakworks One, Stronglite Classic Deluxe, and Earthlite Spirit.

The tables here at TLC are 30 inches wide and have adjustable legs to accommodate most heights. You’ll want a face cradle, face cradle cushion and a case to store your table in when it’s not being used or being transported. It is personal preference for whether your portable table is made of wood or aluminum. Wooden tables tend to weigh 30-35lbs whereas aluminum tables weigh 25-30lbs. You also want to consider the weight capacity that your table can hold safely.

If you order your table 2 weeks before class starts, we should have it by your first class. We offer a 15% discount on Oakworks, Earthlite, Stronglite, and Custom Craftworks tables. Orders are shipped directly to your house. There will be a charge for shipping and sales tax. To get quote or place your order contact the front desk at (512) 374-9222 ext 10 or

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