A Reflection: What is Lomi Lomi ‘Hawaiian Temple Bodywork’ ?

By Jason Bratcher LMT/MTI/Texas CE Provider and Lomi Kumu. (WATCH VIDEO) Aloha!! I would like to share with all of you some ideas and thoughts I have had regarding this system of bodywork and why I feel it would benefit every Massage Therapist out there to learn and incorporate Lomi Lomi into what they do.…

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 by Jason Bratcher In the previous article on the Austin Massage blog I focused on the “Deeper” aspects of Lomi Lomi (it’s a great read and I encourage you to read or reread it and blend it with this new article.) Since Lomi Lomi means to “Weave”, amongst its other definitions, I thought I would…

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A DEEP look into Lomi Lomi massage

lomilomi massage with 2 female therapists and 1 client

by Jason Bratcher Lomi Lomi massage is a return to the inner self, a tracing back through the generations to your “Family” of origins. connecting, self-transformation, weaving your heart-centered intentions into this present moment. Working from your Heart and transmitting that out to your shoulders and into your arms and embracing with your hands. This…

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