Meet the Instructor: Brenda Bianchi BS, LMT, MTI

“I am excited to begin this journey with each of my new students.  The importance of touch will be critical as we recover from this time of social distancing.  I applaud the students for adapting to the current situation and for preparing to help the world to recover one massage at a time!” Soon after Brenda received her Massage Therapy License in 2011, she joined the TLC Team as a Teacher's ...
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Reflections on Hybrid Learning at TLC

Lauterstein and Conway teaching Online Massage Therapy
Online learning for massage therapy has unique challenges as well as, at this time, distinct advantages. What is learning, really? Learning is something done by the nervous system, particularly the brain. The brain sorts out information, memorizes it, and eventually gets creative with it. Learning also involves emotions. Ideally, we truly care about the things we are learning. We are also engag...
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Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries and Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Work for the Shoulder Girdle and Paraspinals

Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries and Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Work for the Shoulder Girdle and Paraspinals by Brian Utting Orthopedic healthcare practitioners often do an excellent job of locating and treating the exact site of an injury or lesion. However, in some cases, they don’t take a more global, holistic view of the whole human being, and fail to see the num...
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3 Steps to Receive a Great Massage

3 STEPS TO RECEIVE A GREAT MASSAGE - whether you are client or a student It is amazing how many students come who attend massage school think they will learn to give massage. They often forget that they will be receiving massage as well. They go through a brief moment of surprise – “Oh, I didn’t think about how I’d receive a lot of massage too.” The good news is you receive as much as you giv...
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Tour Our School

TLC Massage school
The best way to learn if Massage Therapy school is right for you is to come visit campus, talk with our Admissions Director, and experience a 1 hour student internship massage. Schedule your tour and you will receive a complimentary massage voucher. We want you to experience a student internship massage so you will have a clear understanding of the program goals and because it just feels amazing. ...
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Massage Internship: Learning all the Roles of a Massage Therapist

Tim Sullivan is a yoga teacher and massage therapist in training. You can find him at www.timyasa.com and americainshort.com. I swore I wouldn’t bring Spiderman sheets to internship. This was our first time to really step into the role of massage therapist and I so wanted to be professional. I’m talking paying clients, full sessions, full strangers, no-holds-barred general public. Yes, everyone...
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Unexpected consequences of headaches for me and the world

by Christopher Fritel I grew up playing soccer so injuries and muscle spasms are quite well known to me. Rain, cold, sweltering heat, or unfinished homework; Distractions never kept us off the field, so why would anything else. Out of nowhere I started having very mysterious visual focusing problems like auras associated with migraine headaches. According to the Migraine Journal, visual aura...
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