Intercostal Muscles

by David Lauterstein “Anything with wings always comes down in the end”. ~ Simone Weil One of the most important groups of muscles often ignored by massage therapists is the intercostal muscles. These of course give rise to the deliciousness of “spare ribs”. But far more importantly they are core muscles involved more or less…

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Shouldn’t All Ribs Float?

Each rib has toward its “head”” a triangle of synovial joints – with attachments to the bodies of the vertebrae above, below and to the transverse process of the one below. The triangle is one of the most stable as well as most flexible structures in nature. It is no accident that nature chose the…

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Working on clients, we sometimes encounter “sensori-motor amnesia”, a lack of body awareness that is sometimes funny, sometimes sad. I was once massaging a man’s back and he asked me what I was working on. At the time I was trying to mobilize the soft tissues that had become chronically tense and were restricting the…

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