Advanced Clinical Massage and Bodywork Training at TLC

On November 7, TLC’s Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) starts!  We are now beginning enrollment for this unique class! Nowhere else  in the US can you learn to systematically integrate in Clinical Practice – Structural Bodywork, Deep Massage, Shiatsu, Zero Balancing and Psychologically-Oriented Bodywork. To be a well-rounded therapist, we need these competencies with advanced techniques, anatomy, posture, and the tools to address the structural and energetic issues underlying bodymind pain and stress.

To get a feeling specifically for the Zero Balancing component, all therapists are invited to join us for a free class next week on September 21 on Energetic Healing Processes.  This begins at 6:30pm with a talk by David Lauterstein, who will be joined at 8:30pm by Fritz Smith, MD, the founder of Zero Balancing.

RSVP is required – please indicate on your RSVP whether you’ll be attending starting at 6:30pm or at 8:30pm.

Fritz Smith is an osteopath/MD, one of the earliest Rolfers, a Five-Element Acupuncturist and a student of many Eastern meditation disciplines.  He is a delightful and brilliant person, 82 years young and going as strong as ever! Don’t miss this chance to see one of most vital and influential bodywork teachers in the world!

For enrollment information and details regarding the Advanced Clinical Training, click here and call Heidi Shavor at (512) 374-9222 or email