Bodyworkers Wanted – to Change the World!


As bodyworkers, we naturally want to help with misalignment. Slight dislocations of the sacroiliac joint, the tarsal bones, the suboccipital region – addressing these well can re-balance the entire system. So if they’re “out” or stuck in place, we may help.

Yet sometimes we feel the enormity of the world around us – in history, in time, as well as in space. Consider all that is beneath, behind, above, and to the sides of us; and all that happened before and all that will come after us in the future. Perhaps internal mis-alignments are just reflections of ones in the larger world in space and time.

There are disjunctions between nationalities, races, generations (is the “gap” a joint in time?), between our neighbors, between family members.

Disjunctions from our ancestors – the great Walter Benjamin said even the dead would not be safe if a disjointed view of life predominates.  So maybe we need some social chiropractors and social bodyworkers to help re-align the larger world!

These intelligent pieces of space and time – they’re “out”! Who will put them back in? Maybe every time you put your hands on your clients, you can support not only their internal alignment, but also their connection to the life around, before and beyond them.

Health ultimately is a function of how well we are connected to community in time and space.  Immunity-based medicine can tend to forget this..

It is said Native Americans, when faced with an important issue, would ask, how might this affect people seven generations from now, before making their decision.

Now there’s alignment in action.  How are you helping align your client with the currents of life flowing into them from history and, in turn, emanating from them into the future?Cru team (rowing)