Energy in Bodywork & Massage Therapy

The broadest use of the term energy in bodywork has been applied to bodywork that consciously aims at more than just soft tissues.  The scientific method is empirical.  It looks at and works with what is there.  In the case of a human, what is there is a body, and certainly mind and emotions as well.  As Dr. John Sarno said, “A medicine that ignores emotions is simply bad science.”  Many people include soul and spirit as well – though some find their existence somewhat less obvious.

Generally a consummate therapist who consistently earns the trust of his or her clients will be someone who relates not just to the anatomy and physiology of the client, but also their personhood. Optimally healthcare professionals care about their patients/clients – how they feel, what stresses they are under, what knowledge they have about what’s going on with them – in addition to having great skill in effectively addressing disease and injury.

Another way to say this is that they consider both structure and energy in their practice.