How to get 57 Massages in 6 Months

The other day we began a new class.

One of the teachers welcomed the students saying,  “This course is going to be the best time in your life.  Because you will get, in the next months, the most massage you will ever get in your whole life.”

And I thought, “Yeah, he’s absolutely right!”

Massage school is distinguished by, at least in our curriculum, about half of the classes being hands-on exchanges at higher and higher levels as students proceed.

Getting this amount and quality of bodywork propels the student into higher and higher levels of health and ease.  It makes feeling peaceful an everyday experience.

Often I say to students, “How many times in your life have people told you you must relax!:”  Actually, of course, relaxing does make learning so much easier and enjoyable.

As therapists we MUST become experts in relaxation!  How many jobs require that you relax?

That is just another incredible aspect of massage education.

Not to mention 57 massages in 6 months!