In Every Pause There’s a Role for Faith

iI’s easy, when you listen to the news, to lose faith in so many aspects of humanity.

Yet we can and must re-activate the deep pleasure that comes from having faith in people.  And it takes just a little time – just pausing with care during our work and life.

As a teacher in my school and in workshops, each day  I have the chance to enjoy the faith that most students and therapists evoke.  There are so many bright, caring and interesting people here – it is easy to have your faith restored through contact with them.

it’s similar in a massage where every moment  you can find a new opportunity for faith in your clients’ self-healing abilities.

Andrew Taylor Still, Osteopathy’s founder, said that the body contains all the healing substances it needs – showing an abiding faith in nature.

When you put your hands on, pause
—  have faith in that person’s ability to connect with another person

When you find tension in the body, pause
—  have faith in the person’s nervous system’s ability to connect, recognize     tension and already begin the letting go process from within

When you press into the tension, pause
—  have faith that the client, given the gift of non-manipulated time, will let go more and more deeply

And when the pressures of those points are held with stillness and kindly attention, you pause
—  allow time for that person to feel the wonderful pleasure and deep hope that accompanies the restoration of faith in themselves!

Ida Rolf said, Gravity is the therapist.  So true.  We also know Time is the great healer.  Time is the environment of self-evolution.

And so often it comes….this gift

from the power of the pause