Loving Time #2 – in Massage and in Life

“The element most grossly omitted from treatises on harmony up to the present is the element of time. The question of the time-interval that must elapse between one sound and another if the two sounds are to produce a pleasing consonance or an interesting relation, has been avoided.

And yet the simplest consideration of the physics of the matter by almost the simplest mathematician, should lead to equations showing that

A sound of any pitch, or any combination of such sounds, may be followed by a sound of any other pitch, or a combination of such sounds, providing the time-interval between them is properly gauged; and this is true for any series of sounds, chords or arpeggios.

                                                 — Ezra Pound, Treatise on Harmony

And if there is any teaching that is grossly omitted from our education it is the element of time. The time-interval that must elapse for work to be done well and in a timely fashion is one of the keys to creative and successful work. For one moment to have a meaningful, pleasing or interesting relation to another moment is a key to the deepening of meaning that accompanies powerful work.

Our best moments rhyme. Our best work creates resonances through the whole world. We create reflections in time through the coordinated and harmonious actions we take.

The rhythms of strokes in massage are the source of much therapeutic power; the time-intervals between our notes create varied stimulations and sedations; the pace of our life activities, the rhythm of our studies, and the tempi of every extended piece of work – time is the ultimate instrument. Let us play it beautifully with respect and love.