Massage and Alternative Medicine

I wonder sometimes in articles on alternative medicine why massage isn’t mentioned more prominently. It is, BY FAR, the most utilized of all alternative therapies.

I suppose that may mean it’s not “news”. But massage therapy and bodywork, especially when practiced at a high level, is so powerful. I suspect research will eventually show regular sessions having a dramatic impact on so many diseases…certainly as dependably as acupuncture.

Perhaps, if we required the length of training of acupuncturists…In any case, they say it takes 16 years to master any complex skill, like playing the piano. So just ask your therapist what their training is and if they have been practicing for 16 or more years!

Muscle tension and muscular pain is the most common of all health problems. Massage is the central therapy dealing directly with muscle tension. Therefore, it is the most relevant therapy for what bothers people the most.

Check this out:

36% of Americans said they got a massage within the last 5 years. Up from 22% last year!

Well, you know the positive power of massage and human touch is at the center of all I believe. I’ll be elaborating on this in a blog this coming year. Massage helps individuals transform and as the Dalai Lama says, “I think peace must come from individual transformation.”

Let’s be more in touch this new year!



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