Massage and Faith

Yesterday, I received a good session from a student.  I also received a deeper learning than ever about repetition.  The student did some very lovely strokes down the back and then followed them by more and similar strokes.

Each stroke is a communication.  And though we know this on some level, we can forget it and sink into just manipulating tissues.  Of course, we are doing both – soft tissue manipulation and neurologically significant communication.

Looking at the communication-side, let’s remind ourselves that if you repeat yourself often it may result in less, rather than more, clear communication.

Don’t repeat yourself unless it results in more clarity.

Each stroke is like throwing a pebble into the pond of the person.
One, two, maybe three pebbles – you’ve created a lovely pattern.  But, by the time you’ve thrown in five or six, usually you’ve just muddied the waters.

Through Zero Balancing and in Deep Massage, we learn to use a broader brush.  Stronger clearer messages will always have the best chance to be fully understood by the bodymind.

Not repeating out of habit saves you time and effort; enables you to cover more territory during the session; and shows more faith in the client.