Massage and the Joy of Standing!

Today we began a new class.  Something my Co-Director, John Conway, said at the orientation introduced an idea that I had never quite as precisely verbalized.

He was beginning to guide the new students in an exchange of shoulder massages.  He was talking about what to do as we stood there, even before we put our hands on.

He said that just as we get pleasure out of lying down, sometimes sitting down, we can have an equal pleasure in standing.  If we stand with the right posture, gracefully, with a calm mind, standing itself can become a wonderful experience.

I’d never thought of that so clearly – had you?  We spend so many hours standing that of course we might as well find a way to enjoy it!

Standing with some relaxation in one’s legs, feet; pelvis and abdomen at ease; healthy alignment and gentle movement through the back, spine, arms, neck and head.  The human ability to stand in an upright posture is an evolutionary giant step.  And now really to own even the joy in that – how unique!

Then of course when we massage with that positive experience of standing, it feels really good for us as givers and it also feels even better for receivers, to be touched by someone who embodies the pleasure of standing.

What joy as a teacher to keep on being reminded of the very deep things we learn here.  Today from my school Co-Director I learned to stand!