Massage for the Soul – Zero Balancing

If you wanted to massage your soul, how would you do it?

We all want to feel healthy – not just in our bodies.  We want to enjoy clear thinking, emotional vibrancy, spiritual inspiration – things more commonly more associated with soul than with body.

Recently someone called Zero Balancing a “massage for the soul.”  Why is that?

The deepest part of us, even below our sense of self, is the feeling of connection with soul, with spirit.  Anatomically, the deepest part of us is the skeletal system.  It is the singular insight of Zero Balancing to realize that bone is a medium for soul and spirit, as well as forming the structural armature for our physical body.

There are key joints in the body for the transmission of energy, for deeper support.  These are joints that are not primarily locomotor joints, such as the elbow, they are more intrinsic and connect bones critical to structural and energetic balance.  For instance, there is no muscle running from the back of the sacrum to the ilium, the pelvis.  But this joint is critical for the transmission of force and energy from the upper to the lower body.

There is no muscle running from one cuneiform bone to another in the foot.  But these play a critical role in creating our arch and thus support our every step.

For massage therapists and other manual therapists, to address these foundation joints is a critical skill.  And that is what Zero Balancing does.

The musculo-skeletal system is the medium of manual therapists.  So it is critical that we have tools to address the body and soul of the skeletal as well as the muscular systems.  That’s what you get from knowing Zero Balancing!

We have room for just five more people in the Zero Balancing I class that is this January 26-29! Begin the new year learning deeper skills to help your clients in body and soul!