Mired in the Truth: Beauty and Massage

Plato identified the three realms of virtue: goodness, truth and beauty.

Massage has been, to some extent, lately mired in truth. So-called science-based or orthopedic approaches have been extremely popular. The “facts” are trotted out as the rationale for how we should approach client’s neuromuscular symptoms.

But what people most respond to is quality of touch. Quality of touch has more to do with beauty and goodness, than with truth or science. This is why Swedish massage continues to be the most in-demand therapy. It feels wonderful. It puts people in touch with their inner beauty. It stimulates their compassion for the goodness in themselves and in the world around them.

So why not start with beauty? Human form and function is so beautiful. Massage is an art and a science. But if we only concentrate on the science, we can lose the art.

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