“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Marc Anthony

By David Lauterstein

Studying massage is the deepest form of learning. The reason is, unlike so much schooling, this is a learning and a work that includes your body as well as your mind and it does not leave your heart behind. Don’t we all want work we can really put our hearts into?

Since you learn anatomy holistically here, you actually feel the anatomy with your hands, and you receive hands-on work for each of the muscles. When you learn about the nervous system, you see how much the mind affects the body and vice versa. And when you receive massage, you can feel that truly caring touch has a powerful healing effect.

That kind of caring work and study adds enormous quality to your life. That kind of work is nourishing and nurturing, not just to the receivers but also to the givers. As a massage therapist you are a giver who is truly appreciated by your clients. In a way, there is nothing more nourishing than knowing your work makes a positive difference in the world.

As a therapist and teacher I have never doubted for a single second the worth of what I’m doing. But if you are not doing what you love, that’s hard work! It was my dream to indeed have work I respected and could enjoy doing 8 hours a day. And then to teach and start a school because I wanted to share this wonderful work, not just with clients, but to affect many more people by sharing the knowledge and skill of massage therapy with students, enabling them to touch in ways that made this great difference in their and their clients’ lives.

We have a classes enrolling almost every month of the year. Each has a unique schedule designed to allow you to not only enjoy your studies but also have time for work and to live your life.

I encourage you to give up the hard work that you don’t love – join us this month to begin doing what you love.

If not now, when? Don’t wait to start now.