Our Words – Our Hands – Zero Balancing

So let the
Words of our mouths
and the meditations of our hearts
be acceptable in Thy sight
here tonight.

– By the Rivers of Babylon

When I first began to practicing Structural Bodywork, I had my doubts about whether I could deliver the quality of experience I wished my clients might have.

I called my Rolfer friend, Allan Davidson, and told him of my doubts. He said among other things that I was quite good with words and didn’t have to try to do everything with my hands. “You can use your words to get in.”

That was a tremendous relief for me. Yet, to this day, ironically being an author and teacher, I am still reluctant and insecure about using words during my sessions.

I know from teaching that this is a common problem. Bodyworkers are in certain ways more comfortable and trusting of their hands, than of their words. Yet our words have incredible and necessary power for us as bodyworkers and as people.

This is one reason why I have sponsored “Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing”, the workshop with Jim McCormick coming to TLC this March 21-24.

Jim, the first teacher certified to teach Zero Balancing, has been refining this class for many years. What a blessing to now have a guide to using our words as fulcrums.

I can’t wait for this class. In the beginning was the word and in the beginning of our deeper level of practice is the word.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts touch our clients and this world in a way that makes a new, deeper and even more positive difference.

Don’t miss this important opportunity. I look forward to being in this class with you. 🙂

note – this class does require at a minimum having taken Zero Balancing I already (preferably ZB II as well).