She’s Motivated!

In a staff meeting at our Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, I recently noted a colleague promoting a course we had never offered. I said, “She’s smart.”  Our Marketing Director, Jennifer Shaw, never being one to mince words, said, “Intelligence’s got nothing to do with it! She’s motivated!”

I was delighted. She was right in so many ways.

Sometimes I take motivation for granted and overvalue intelligence. I push myself to come up with new ideas while ignoring or not honoring how motivated I am. Every since I started getting bodywork, I am totally motivated to do it, explore it, receive it, teach it, and spread its world-changing influence.

It’s so often the motivation that we pick up on in people, especially the concerted enthusiasm for a healthy direction. It’s the energy first (though I don’t knock the usefulness of intelligence) not the idea.

Thanks, Jennifer.